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Many of you have seen my spice drawer – always in some state of disarray. I also have another area – filled with ingredients I use to make herbal tea blends. Dozens of little white bags filled with chamomile, hibiscus, dried nettles, citrus peels, ginger and the like. Inviting a spectrum of teas into your life is great way to supplement different vitamins and minerals, and hydrate at the same time. Along those lines, my philosophy is that every glass of tea is an opportunity to do something nice for your body. So, whenever inspired, I blend a couple of small containers full of different ingredients to brew – usually some sort of seasonal or supportive blend, and then keep the containers on hand at both the house and our work studio.

I thought I’d share an easy favorite with you today – a Vitamin C Tea Blend. This one is much appreciated when an immunity boost is needed, or for the times when we’re stressed, over-worked, or just dragging a bit. Hibiscus and rose hips are both Vitamin C power houses, and I like to add a good bit of saffron, and lemon peel for dimension and flavor. The pronounced tang and vibrancy of this tea is something I love straight, but feel free to sweeten if you prefer.

I posted the recipe here.

Vitamic C Tea Blend
Vitamic C Tea Blend

Enjoy! -h

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