Make a Huge Pie This Weekend

Photo by Alex Lau, food styling by Susie Theodorou

Something to do with a ton of garlic

Make these roast chicken legs.

Hello cousin Tim

My cousin Tim texted me this week because he wanted to know why I wasn’t in Chris Morocco’s doughnut video, which I hadn’t even watched yet. It turns out, I play a small role, an international woman of mystery, who sprints off-camera to avoid being immortalized on YouTube. I prefer to live in the shadows! But the doughnuts, made with Greek yogurt, have this moist, incredible crumb and tangy lemon glaze, are pure sunshine. Make them!

Get the recipe: Lemony Glazed Cake Doughnuts

Out of the shadows

“Have you heard about our barley?” I went to an event for a new Macallan expression this week that I thought was going to be another press tasting full of writers wafting and sniffing and spitting and saying the word “nose.” Instead, it was an immersive experience in a $13 million mansion on Riverside Drive (for sale—snagged a real estate one-sheet in the lobby, no pool). People were wearing stilettos, by choice, which always shocks me. The barley, by the way, is grown on the Macallan estate and is harvested for one week, once a year. In the “barley field activation” of the mansion, though, it was fake, stuck into foam hillscapes you could take a photo in front of while a soundtrack of chirping birds played. That’s harvested year-round, at Michael’s.

The sweaty meat carver

Did I watch a 10-minute meat carving training video for Old Country Buffet this week? Maybe! Have you tried the lasagna? It’s my favorite.

Unnecessary food meme of the week

Unnecessary food feud of the week

Aliza Abarbanel wrote about her love for this rosé sangria recipe on Basically this week (“it’s vegetal!”), but not everyone at BA can get down with fruit salad wine punch. “Everything sangria thinks it is doing well, a Pimm’s cup does better,” declared Chris Morocco. “There’s no instance in which I’d rather have sangria than wine,” said Emma Wartzman. “If a spritz exists,” posed Alex Delany, “then what’s the point of sangria?” Jesse Sparks, waving a mug of tea around, wasn’t here for the negativity. “I love the stuff. You can make it with friends—remember those? They LOVE SANGRIA. It’s ridiculously easy, and big batch-able.” Carla Lalli Music is down for sangria too. “The brandy, the fruit, I can put some sangria away,” she said, before adding, “NO grapes.” A feud-within-a-feud! Ryan Walker-Hartshorn declared she is pro-grapes in sangria, “and I cut them in half individually,” she said, “that’s love.” Emily Schultz interjected that her “friend has some Ed Hardy sangria in her apartment,” which is knowledge I’ll have to live with the rest of my life. Andy Baraghani sent me his order: “Ideally it would be some stone fruit (not cut into stupid cubes but thin wedges), a handful of lightly bruised basil (maybe mint), a touch of brandy, a bit of orange and lemon peel that has been muddled with a spoonful of sugar, and wine.” Would drink. Adam Rapoport likes white sangria, where all the ingredients are on display—peaches, citrus—but not murky, mysterious red sangria, where “you don’t know what’s going on in there, it could be Sierra Mist for all I know.” Could it?

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