Honey Lime Basil Peach Fruit Salad



Gorgeous honey lime basil peach fruit salad made with fresh peaches, blackberries, blueberries and pomegranate. This summer peach fruit salad recipe is lightly tossed with honey, lime juice and fresh basil leaves for a fresh summer side dish that’s perfect for bbq’s and parties!

A few years ago I fell in love with peaches. Not that they weren’t good all those years before, but it wasn’t until after having some sort of peach pie or crisp that I really committed to loving them like I’ve never loved a fruit before.

Except maybe Honeycrisp apples; those sweet crunchy things lure me in everytime (even if they’re $4.99/pound). I know… shame on me.

peach fruit salad on a platter

Today’s summer fruit salad is one that I make every time I entertain during the summer months; it’s the perfect side dish to accompany grilled chicken, salmon or veggie kabobs.

Another reason I dig this peach fruit salad? Because it’s a wonderful way to get kids to really dig into some fresh, nutritious fruit. The best part of this recipe though is that it’s completely customizable, so if you feel like adding other berries or fruit, you can! Sometimes I use yellow nectarines but ususally I opt for sweet, ripe fresh yellow peaches because of their unique sweetness and texture.

I have found that this fruit salad is best with firm berries and other fruit that doesn’t easily break down or get mushy, so that if you want to prep the salad a few hours ahead of time, you totally can. I suggest avoiding raspberries, watermelon and bananas as they can easily get soggy.

ingredients for peach fruit salad on a surface

Peach fruit salad ingredients

Before I save the above photo as the screensaver on my phone, let’s talk about what ingredients you’ll need to make this easy fruit salad. Head to the farmer’s market (or your own garden!) and grab:

  • fresh yellow peaches
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • a pomegranate
  • fresh basil leaves

This fresh, summer produce is then drizzled with a bit of honey and a squeeze of lime juice for a sweet and tangy finish to the delicious fruit. I love how the basil brings a fresh earthiness and makes the fruit salad a bit different from what we’re used to.

summer peach fruit salad ingredients in a bowl with basil ribbons on top

How to store this peach fruit salad:

This peach fruit salad will stay good for about 2-4 days in the refrigerator in airtight containers. The acid from the lime juice will also help prevent the peaches from browning, and will keep the rest of the fruit tasting nice and fresh. It’s great to toss in quinoa, on top of spinach, or on top of a bowl of yogurt in the morning.

If you want to make this peach fruit salad ahead of time, feel free to add everything to a bowl 1 day before you’re ready to serve it. I would recommend adding the basil ribbons last so that they keep their pretty green color when tossed with the salad.

summer peach fruit salad in a bowl with basil ribbons

I mean, come on… don’t you want to just dive in?

Don’t lie to me.

summer peach fruit salad on a platter with basilI hope you enjoy this summer fruit salad while you still can. If you make it, be sure to tag #ambitiouskitchen on Instagram. You can also leave a comment below and rate the recipe to let me know how you liked it. xo!

Honey Lime Basil Peach Fruit Salad



Nutrition Information

  • Serving size: 1 serving (based on 6)
  • Calories: 88
  • Fat: 0.0g
  • Saturated fat: 0.0g
  • Carbohydrates: 22.6g
  • Sugar: 16.2g
  • Fiber: 4.0g
  • Protein: 1.3g

Recipe type: Side Dish, Salad, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Grain Free

Prep time: 

Total time: 

  • 4 large ripe (but not too ripe) yellow peaches, sliced
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • ¾ cup blueberries
  • Seeds from 1 medium pomegranate
  • 6 large basil leaves, cut into ribbons
  • 1-2 teaspoons honey
  • ½ lime, juiced
  1. Add peaches, blackberries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, and basil leaves to a large bowl. Drizzle honey and lime juice, and toss with tongs. Serves 6.


Recipe by: Monique Volz // Ambitious Kitchen | Photography by: Eat Love Eats

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